About us

Bigbagstore – a brand of RuGo Bags GmbH

If you are looking for Big Bags, we are your first port of call

Bigbagstore is a brand of RuGo Bags GmbH. The company has its headquarters in Germany. RuGo has been supplying both Standard Big Bags and custom-made products manufactured to a high quality to renowned customers both inside Germany and surrounding countries for more than 20 years.
Big Bags, also referred to as FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), are now used for a wide variety of purposes across all industries.

We now offer a range of Standard Big Bags in various sizes under the brand name Bigbagstore in our online shop. Furthermore, our online offering includes transport bags for special applications: asbestos Big Bagsmineral wool/synthetic fibre Big Bags and Big Bags for forestry and agriculture are available from our shop page.

We can also manufacture custom-made Big Bags on request, tailored entirely to your personal requirements. With these custom-made products, you can choose between different designsfilling and discharging systems and lifting systems. We can also supply Big Bags with your logo on request.

The product range in our online shop also includes an assortment of Big Bag accessories as well as practical packaging material: we supply work safety items – such as protective suits and gloves – in addition to adhesive tape, pockets for delivery notes and shipping documents, stretch film, and much more.

Our team of transport professionals and packaging specialists would be happy to advise you on thw Big Bags, custom-made Big Bags and range of transport and shipping material we offer.

What our customers like about us

Our new and existing customers appreciate us because when they order from our online shop or work together with us they have the following benefits:

  • Products manufactured to a high quality: Before our Big Bags are approved for sale, they must be tested using recognised testing methods to demonstrate their stability. Continuous quality controls ensure that the quality of our Big Bags remains consistently high.
  • Large selection and fast delivery: We always have transport bags in standard sizes in stock. They are ready to dispatch within 24 hours.
  • Customisation: Big Bags must satisfy different requirements depending on the goods being transported. We therefore offer many customisation options. We can also print the company logo or an advertising slogan on the Big Bags on request.
  • One-stop service: In addition to Big Bags, packing materials and work safety items are also available from the online shop.
  • Delivery according to requirements: We can store Big Bags for up to a year on request. This allows our customers to save valuable space in their warehouse. They still remain in a position to deliver because they are delivered according to the just-in-time principle.
  • Many years of experience: We have been operating in the Big Bag industry for over two decades.  Our experienced personnel can find the right packing solutions for an extremely wide range of goods and will be only too pleased to help.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Bigbagstore Team